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Are you a contractor, a future owner or condominium syndicate, a residential or commercial building owner, a real estate broker or agency, an insurer, a manager, or a condominium management agency? Do you need real estate lawyers to handle your cases?

Hamelin & Vrkic is a firm specializing in real estate law in Montreal. We assist and represent you in the context of your real estate operations and transactions. We ensure that your rights are respected in the event of disputes or claims in court.




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    in real estate law and construction law, co-ownership and municipal law

    Remedies for Latent or Hidden Defects

    A hidden defect is significant damage to the building that existed at the time of sale, but to which the buyer was unaware. In the event of a hidden defect, the buyer is entitled to make claims on the seller, unless the sale was made without a legal warranty. Several steps must be followed to initiate an appeal for a hidden defect.

    Recognized for our expertise in claims regarding latent and hidden defects, we are regularly called upon to advise and represent our clients. These include both residential, commercial, or industrial buyers and sellers. We handle appeals for hidden defects of all sorts, in common courts or administrative tribunals.

    Real Estate and Property Title Defects

    A property title defect is a property title that may be the subject of a dispute due to the property rights of the other owners of the building. A building that has been wrongly designated may, for example, be the subject of a property title defect. In the case of a condominium, a property title defect may occur if a private portion encroaches on the common portions.

    Thanks to our experience in this field, we are regularly called upon in such real estate matters. Our expertise includes property title defects, as well as disputes related to easements, rights of passage, and encroachments on buildings. We advise owners, condominium syndicates, and notaries.

    Condominium Law

    We assist and represent both condominium syndicates and co-owners in the event of disputes.

    Our team of real estate lawyers also assists condominium syndicates in the administration of their day-to-day affairs. Our lawyers also support them in the interpretation of complex contractual documents such as plans and specifications and declarations of co-ownership. Our team offers effective dispute mediation service aimed at resolving any internal conflicts that may arise.

    Commercial Leases

    Our real estate lawyers are called upon to negotiate, draw up, review, or publish commercial leases in the Registre foncier du Québec for our clients. These include owners, managers, or tenants of commercial premises. We also assist these same clients in the event of disputes and litigations between them. This can be done in court or in the context of the dispute mediation service that we offer.

    Real Estate Brokerage

    Our real estate lawyers are called upon to advise and represent real estate and mortgage agencies and their brokers. We provide you with our expertise in collecting unpaid, transactional, and professional liability fees.

    Real Estate Transactions

    Our real estate lawyers regularly assist our clients in the context of their real estate transactions so that the planned transaction goes off without a hitch. Our mandates are varied, from due diligence to title searches, as well as reviewing or drawing up letters of intent, purchase offers, and real estate sales contracts.

    Typical Mandates Carried Out by Our Real Estate Lawyers

    • Drawing up the required documents, negotiation and strategic advice in the context of alienations, rentals, or acquisitions of buildings;
    • Issuing legal opinions, review and due diligence on property titles, title insurance negotiation, and expert legal advice on real estate brokerage;
    • Strategic and legal advice as well as negotiation in the context of:
      • Property development projects, including discussions with public authorities, agreements related to municipal services, and drawing up relevant agreements;
      • Legal Mortgages (includes establishing the related guarantees and drawing up relevant agreements);
      • Drawing up superficies rights agreements, co-ownership agreements, and commercial leases;
      • Managing and setting up a condominium (including, among other aspects, relationships with the co-owners).
    • Conflict resolution related to commercial leases, including arbitration and mediation;
    • Real estate disputes and remedies for hidden defects;
    • Civil litigation;
    • Negotiations, strategic and legal advice, drawing up documents relating to different industrial sectors, and establishing public-private partnerships.
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