We know the law, you know your goals

We measure the success of a case by the achievement of your goals, both out of court and in court. That is why we firmly believe in involving our clients in all steps of their case, so that your goals and interests are always considered and respected, regardless of the circumstances. In the event of a dispute, this may also include that a well-negotiated settlement is more then often a better alternative than a decision made by a trial judge.

Mutual trust is the foundation on which our partnership with our clients rests. From our standpoint, such trust requires transparency, integrity, objectivity, and pragmatism in analyzing and handling your case. Our flexible structure, which is adapted to suit your financial, legal, and strategic needs, is another key element in taking the necessary actions at the right time and thereby achieving the goals that we jointly targeted at the get-go of the process.


Results, rigour, and integrity

After having each worked for several years for different law firms in Montréal, long-time collaborators and friends Pierre-Marc Hamelin and Sacha Vrkic have relied on their complementarity and their shared vision of the practice of law. Focused on results, rigour, and integrity, our practice also aims to be accessible and personalized in order to offer you legal counsel with complete and sustainable solutions that meet all your particular needs.

Pierre Marc Hamelin


Lawyer, CIRC, Partner.

Sacha Vrkic


Lawyer, Mediator, Partner.